Why Sixty Is The New Thirty!

Why Sixty Is The New Thirty!

Working lives are being extended and employers are starting to value older workers more. While initially we may be sceptical of older generations, the benefits of hiring them are becoming more apparent in an increasingly detail-orientated world. Could mature employees be the answer to your recruitment shortages?

Baby boomers are a generation who value the concept of a ‘job for life’ and as a result are more reliable, punctual and loyal. This generation will have a strong network of contacts that they have built up over the years, which may be of use to you. Also after a certain age, employees won’t need to be as dedicated to children and other responsibilities at home, so are more devoted to their occupation.

We can all agree that with age comes experience, but with experience comes the ability to efficiently manage themselves. A more experienced employee will be able to prioritise their workload, have a greater resilience to high demands and a stronger work ethic. In addition, as a by-product of their experience older generations are more confident because they have fewer gaps in their industry knowledge.

An employee with significant experience will have advanced critical thinking and communication skills, which are great qualifications for leaders and mentors. Equally, with great communication skills comes great listening skills – and employees who listen are easier to train. You can depend on them to produce a higher quality of work and act in a professional manner at all times. As any good business owner will know, high-quality work could ultimately result in significant cost savings to the business.

At dh Recruitment we have a wide range of candidates of all ages from various backgrounds. We can guarantee that our older candidates will add value to your workforce and have a positive effect on your business. To find out more about our candidates why not give us a call on 01905 617000? If you have any questions, worries or queries about hiring older employees then we would be happy to help; get in touch by contacting us on worcester@dhrecruitment.co.uk.

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