What Interviewers Shouldn’t Say in Interviews!

What Interviewers Shouldn’t Say in Interviews!

You may have interviewed thousands of candidates in your career; however, a great recruiter will not have interviewed a long stream of candidates. This is because they will not only have found the great candidates, but kept them too. So how do you become this super recruiter? By asking the right questions and saying the right things when you meet the candidates for the first time – at their interview. Leave them with a friendly, warm and accepting impression, and you can expect to keep the best candidates interested and excited to join your company. At dh Recruitment we’ve brought together our expertise from years in the industry to tell you what not to say in interviews and how to keep your candidates keen.

In the internet era it’s easy, and fairly acceptable, to look up candidates on social media. However, beware about mentioning your findings to the candidate. While they should be aware that anyone can see their online presence, some may take this as an invasion of their personal space. By looking at their social media presence, you can create a subjective opinion of them which actually has very little correlation to their professional life. If you do have concerns about their personal life, phrase these concerns in the context of their professional life.

Many interviewers will say, “I’m interviewing more people this week for the same job; why should I hire you?” This is an unfair question for candidates, as they know nothing about the other interviewees they are competing against. It is more beneficial for both you and the candidate if you judge them against the criteria needed for the job. Ask them instead, “Based on your experience and skills, what can you bring to this organisation?” By asking candidates this question, you can compare them against the same standard, giving you a clearer view of who hits the mark.

Once they are inducted, we want new employees to have longevity at our business and a drive to do well. To gain insight into this, interviewers will often ask candidates where they see themselves in five to ten years’ time. This question is ineffective, as nobody can predict the changes which will occur in their personal circumstances. Similarly, no business can accurately predict where it will be in five years’ time, as they cannot estimate economic changes. Instead, ask candidates an open question about their career goals and how the role will help them reach it.

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