Simple ways to welcome a recruit and encourage them to stay

You’ve done it. You’ve spent late nights making your way through a seemingly never ending list of CVs, you’ve interviewed and interviewed and interviewed, you’ve not only found the perfect employee but they’ve said yes as well. Well done! This is where many recruiters would make themselves a well-deserved cup of tea, but in reality the battle is not won yet. Yes, you’ve got them on board, but can you keep them there? Many factors might lead to a new employee backing out early, but there are a few easy ways to conquer those first-week hurdles.

Prepare for their first day

New hires are always excited about their new jobs, so your workplace needs to live up to their expectations. Don’t wait until after the new hire gets there to find a place for them to sit and update the passwords on their computer. Instead, be sure to have everything prepared and ready to go when your new employee arrives. Little touches like stationery, storage or a welcome letter/email go a long way too.

Listen to them

If any employee, new or existing, doesn’t feel like they’re being listened to then they may go somewhere where they are. By listening to a new employee from the beginning you can make them feel included and a part of the team. It’s also good to congratulate them on good ideas or input, as this will encourage them to become an active member of the team in the future.

Balance their workload

Your new employee needs to be not only mentally prepared but also emotionally for the job ahead of them. Throwing them into the deep end makes them feel as though they won’t be able to succeed and kills their motivation. Set small milestones and objectives to begin with, as this will feel far more realistic for the short time they’ve been there. By regularly hitting deadlines and goals they will feel valued and a part of the team.

Put them in the picture

A new hire will feel a lot more grounded when they understand where they (and their job) fit in in the company. Have their team give a presentation of the current state of things, their goals and how they plan to achieve them.

Find them a friend

Everyone needs a comrade when they’re in a new situation. Having an office ‘buddy’ will give them someone to go to when they’re unable to help themselves. An office ally can also ease them into your workplace culture and answer any questions they might not be comfortable asking the boss.

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