Recruiting Advice for Small Businesses

Recruiting Advice for Small Businesses

Recruitment is a vital function for small businesses. Of course recruitment will grow your company and take it to the next level, but each new hire will have a greater impact on your company’s culture than that of a medium sized or large business. So it’s important that you get it right and hire a candidate that will add not just their skills to your business, but value. However, how do you stand out against the larger competition and attract the best talent? At dh Recruitment we have the answer; here’s our advice on how to best recruit for small businesses.

Before you do anything, take a look at your current staff and ask yourself why they enjoy working at your company. Is it because of the friendly culture, flexible working opportunities or training programmes? By identifying why your employees stay on board you can communicate to candidates why your company is a good one to work for. This will help you to separate yourself from larger companies and brands, which may not be able to offer the same benefits that you can as a small business.

The next step is to think about your job description and what qualities your applicants need to have. Not only do you need to be clear about what you can offer, but also about what they need to offer you. You may not be completely conscious of it, but working in a smaller company requires a different attitude to working in a large corporation. Roles in smaller companies can evolve and change very quickly to move with growth. Some candidates may find this stressful or not have the ability to cope, so make it clear that the applicant should be adaptable or have worked in a small company before.

Now that you have a job advert, you need to put it in the right place – and this is more than just finding the right noticeboard. Use a source you trust, as you don’t want just any Tom, Dick or Harry finding your job application and applying. By using a recruitment agency you are using expertise and experience to find the right employee which you may not necessarily have yourself. Also, a recruitment agency will be able to pick up on job applications and actively search for candidates when you are too busy.

Recruiting when you’re a small business can be a time-consuming process, but it will all pay off when you find the right employee. If you really don’t have the time to recruit then we can take it off your hands and find you the right person. dh Recruitment is a reliable and friendly team of recruiters who always have your best interests at heart. Being a local agency gives us a real insight into recruitment opportunities and businesses in the region, which will put us at an advantage when giving the best advice. To find out more about recruiting for a small business give us a ring on 01905 617000 or email

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