Hereford and Worcester Recruitment: 5 Reasons To Use Our Recruiting Service

Hereford and Worcester Recruitment: 5 Reasons To Use Our Recruiting Service

Many business owners are put off by the idea of outsourcing recruitment — you’ve done everything else up to this point, so why not do your own recruiting?

At DH Recruitment we understand your trepidation, but we also believe our expertises and specialised services make us a far more effective at finding new recruits than a standard job ad. As experts in recruitment around Hereford and Worcester, we are dedicated to offering bespoke services that fit with your company. Having said that, we are confident we can provide a number of benefits to all businesses, including:

We Can Save Your Business Time

Time is money.

Sure, it’s an age-old cliche, but there is a reason behind its popularity.

In business, time is one of your greatest assets. When limited, you struggle. Deadlines get missed; having to prioritise tasks means little things start to slip and important pieces of information can seemingly disappear from your head.

Clearly, this is not the way to be doing business. You have to be focused on the important things, the day-to-day operations that keep your business profitable. Dealing with recruitment is one of these secondary tasks, crucial but distracting. Recruiting is complex. There are a number of tasks to complete ranging from menial admin to face-to-face interviews, all of which absorb valuable time away from business operation.

Experts in recruitment throughout Hereford & Worcester, DH Recruitment can help.

We’ll take all the tasks out of your hands, including:

  • Creating job adverts and descriptions
  • Carrying out recruit registration processes
  • Running background checks such as references, employment and criminal history, and working rights
  • Dealing with financial obligations like national insurance and bank information
  • Issuing code of conduct and employee guidelines
  • Carrying out further checks customised for your recruitment needs, such as CRB or skills tests

Our Hereford and Worcester Recruitment Experts Can Save You Money

A report by industry experts Oxford Economics discovered that replacing a member of staff can cost upwards of £30,000 per employee.


It concluded that the loss of revenue caused by a vacant desk, combined with the cost of recruitment processes and candidate onboarding left businesses bleeding money. These findings show how essential a swift and effective recruitment process is, a process we can offer. At DH Recruitment, we can not only save you money through cutting down on recruitment costs — as all the necessary processes are already in place — but also through a number of other services.

We can provide temporary staff during a search for a permanent employee, to ensure your business isn’t losing money because of an empty desk. We can also offer emergency cover when staff go AWOL or quit unexpectedly.

We Can Offer Friendly, Local Support

DH Recruitment is a trusted, local brand.

We are staffed by members of the Hereford & Worcester community and dedicate our lives to improving the region’s economy. We aren’t some large faceless corporation with nationwide offices and our fingers in every pie. This is our home too.

As a result, we know how business and recruitment works in Hereford & Worcester, allowing us to offer a unique recruitment experience for both candidates and employers. Our friendly expert recruiters can offer real and genuine insight into the local job market and are always available to chat: whether it’s online, on the phone or in branch. We strive to offer a personal service to each and every client. We want you to put be able to put a face and a name to your recruitment process, not just a brand and phone number.

This is our community, and we want to see it thrive.

Our Temp to Perm System Will Revolutionise Your Recruitment Process

We like to call this our ‘try before you buy’ system.

Hiring an employee is more complicated than finding somebody who has the skills to do the job. It’s about finding somebody who fits in with your company culture and has a work ethic that is agreeable with you. Sure, you might find a worker that can get the job done, but if they are disruptive, inefficient or present bad customer service skills it probably isn’t going to be a long-term match.

With traditional recruitment, this presents a problem. It is impossible to know somebody will react in a job until they’re actually in it. While some business opt for a probation system, this is not always suitable. Employees lost through excessive probation turnover can leave your business with a bad reputation. Workers also have rights including unfair dismissal and are able to challenge your decision if they were meeting expectations.

With your temp-to-perm system, you don’t need to worry about the dangers of probation. Employees come in under rules that apply to temps, and you see all the usual benefits of hiring temporary staff. If the fit is right for both sides, we’ll then help make the necessary arrangements to turn the job into a permanent position.

If they don’t, they complete their tasks as a temp worker and return to the agency as normal.

We Provide Increased Audience Reach

At DH Recruitment, we are experts at finding the right people for your job. We know where to look and we know how to find the workers you need.

But, to give ourselves an even bigger advantage, we’ve teamed up with recruitment giant Every recruitment drive run through DH recruitment not only features all the benefits of our bespoke service, but also a customised and sponsored job advertisements on the UK’s most popular internet job board. Aggregating over 34 million views a month, Indeed is a powerful recruitment platform when combined with expert recruiters and a thorough recruiting process. Our sponsored partnership with the platform means your job openings receive greater than normal reach.

In real terms, this means thousands more people looking for jobs in Hereford & Worcester will be able to see your job advert.

Looking for Hereford and Worcester recruitment solutions? Get in touch with the DH team today.

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