Five Steps to Banish Interview Nerves

Everyone experiences nerves in the run-up to a job interview, no matter how experienced they are. You may be worried that you can’t answer a question, do something embarrassing or won’t like the company culture. However, if not dealt with properly, interview nerves can leave you lacking confidence and feeling anxious. You may come across as a different person from the one who wrote the job application. At dh Recruitment we help all of our candidates to prepare for interviews and that includes dealing with nerves. Read on to discover our top five steps to banish those interview nerves.

  1. Look at the bigger picture A lot of pre-interview nerves come from the pressure to perform. To ease the pressure, just remember that it’s not all about you. The interview panel is under pressure to recruit well and pick the right candidate. The company is investing a lot of money and resources recruiting for this position, and if they recruit the wrong candidate, it doesn’t reflect well on them.

  2. Prepare properly If you have properly prepared for the interview then there should be no need to be nervous. Make sure that you research the company and the challenges which come with the job thoroughly before the interview. Also, make sure that you know the CV which you submitted back to front. This way, there should be no question in the interview which you can’t answer or throws you off guard.

  3. Put your position into context

Most candidates think of a job interview as a pass or fail situation. Recruitment processes are subjective as you don’t know what qualities and experiences the other candidates have. Similarly, you don’t know what personal expectations beyond the criteria of the role the interviewers have. The expectations might even differ from interviewer to interviewer!

  1. Have a back-up plan!

One of the biggest worries in an interview is that you will forget to mention something. This “something” could be a great example of your skills or how you’ve handled a certain situation. When nerves take centre stage, other things can get forgotten or left behind. If you realise three questions in that you forgot a vital point in your answer to question one, wait for the right opportunity to bring it up. All you need to say is, “Would it be possible for me to add to my answer to the first question?” In addition, most interviewers will ask at the end of an interview if there is anything you would like to add.

  1. Ask for post-interview feedback

Post interview nerves can keep you on tenterhooks just as much as pre-interview nerves! You should ask for feedback on how you did on the job interview whether you land the job or not. Constructive feedback allows you to identify the areas that you need to improve on, and by improving your interview skills, you will be better prepared for your next interview.

Just remember, they have invited you for an interview because they believe that you would be a good candidate for the position. All you have to do is deliver the person who wrote the CV that they liked – which is you! If you would like more support when applying for jobs then why not take a look at dh Recruitment? Our team will help you along every step of the recruitment journey, just take a look at our available jobs to get started. Alternatively, for more information email contact and we’ll be happy to help.

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