5 Ways Temporary Staff Can Benefit Your Business

5 Ways Temporary Staff Can Benefit Your Business

At DH recruitment we work with a range of businesses, intent on finding them the best recruits for their open job roles.

Over the years, we’ve filled countless temp jobs in Worcester and Hereford and know a thing or two about the benefits of hiring temporary staff. In this blog, we look at the benefits of temporary staff and why we believe they could be perfect for your business.

Temp Hiring Saves Your Business Money

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your bottom line.

A successful financial model is what takes your business to the next level, meaning there is no room for cash wasting if you want to make it to the top. Hiring permanent employees over temp employees is one of the most common and costly financial mistakes business owners make. A permanent employee can be vastly more expensive than a temp, all while performing the same tasks. Of course, you cannot hire temp employees for every role, some jobs require constant input. However, not every role in the Britain is demanding enough to justify putting staff on a permanent contract, and for these roles a temp can save you a hefty sum.

So, how exactly do temps save you money?

  • Cheaper wages: Temporary staff are often looking for more flexibility in their working environment, meaning they will be more accepting of lower wages than a permanent worker looking for a greater level of stability.
  • Perks: Short-term temp workers — less than 12 weeks — do not require annual leave pay. You can also save on insurance, taxes, benefits, pensions, healthcare and other perks offered to permanent staff.
  • Save Money on Overtime: Instead of paying excess to permanent workers to finish tasks, hire temp workers to help complete projects for the basic wage.
  • Reducing Long-Term Costs: Hiring permanent staff means you are legally obliged to pay them, even if there is no work to be done. Temp staff reduce your financial risk, potentially leading to long-term savings in areas where work for your business is not always guaranteed. For example, if you business picks up a 6-month contract, hiring a new member of staff may lead to a lack of cost efficiency when the contract ends. Not a problem for temp workers.

Quickly Fill Skill Gaps

Empty job roles haemorrhage money, costing the British economy upwards of £18billion a year.

Most of those losses come in the form of decreasing revenue for businesses; unable to earn money thanks to empty desks created by skill shortages. Finding a permanent employee to fill these positions is a time-consuming process. Competition is fierce and getting them locked in takes a huge amount of resources and effort. The skilled nature of their work often also means a more complex recruitment processes — you don’t want to be committing a permanent role to somebody unable to manage the position. During this period of hiring the job will remain vacant, costing huge amounts in lost revenue and missed business opportunities.

Hiring a temp can be the solution to this problem.

Now, given the unstable nature of temping, you’d be forgiven for thinking that temp workers were unskilled, but many of our recruits seeking temp jobs in Worcester are actually well educated, skilled individuals. Which can be of huge benefit to you. As you aren’t committing to a worker long term, the recruitment process can be completed at a much faster pace. It is the perfect scenario: having a temp recruit allows your business to achieve more while you wait for that permanent employee.

Maintain Workplace Efficiency During Absences

When staff are away on maternity leave, long periods of annual leave — such as extended travelling — or in the unfortunate case of long-term illness, office efficiency can plummet. Work goes undone, profits start to slip, it’s a nightmare.

Happily though, temp staff can be the answer to your prayers. A temp worker can be installed quickly and see through the period of worker absence, helping to maintain office efficiency and keep the company running smoothly.

Test New Job Roles

Let’s create an example scenario that many business owners have faced or will face.

Your business in Worcester is expanding, your client base is growing and you want to increase the amount of services you provide to reflect this. You need a new employee to provide these services so you start the process of hiring, find a employee and they begin offering your new service. Only, the service doesn’t take off like you hoped and now you’ve got an employee salary burning a hole in your profits and no growth or success to show for it.

By first advertising the role as a temp job in Worcester, you can test the water and discover whether or not this is a business venture you want to continue with. If the role is a success, you can offer the temp permanent work or find somebody else. If the role is a bust, the temp is sent back to their recruitment agent and you’ve got no long-term job commitments to worry about.


Get a Fresh Perspective

Some small businesses can operate effectively with only a small pool of staff over a long period of time.

This has its benefits of course — you all become experts in the field, everyone fits into the company dynamic, you all understand the business on a very deep level — but, it can also have its disadvantages. New ideas, fresh thinking and innovation are important for business growth. Without any new staff coming onboard you’ll likely see a drop in creativity, leaving the business to stagnate.

Sometimes we get so used to routine that we don’t think to venture outside our comfort zone.

A temp can bring a fresh perspective to your business. A complete outsider, they can get involved in your company, gain a basic understanding of the way things work and look to offer creative ways of improving and evolving your business. It doesn’t matter if its customer care, marketing, processing or data recording: If you think things need a shake up, a temp is the perfect option.

Is your business looking to fill temp jobs in Worcester or Hereford? DH Recruitment is a specialised service dedicated to finding you honest, reliable, local workers.

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